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Check documents before saving

With the Virus Scan for Mendix module, you can scan all incoming documents and identify malware, viruses and other malicious content. This is a must-have for every portal where documents are uploaded!

When to use

For every application where end users can upload files.

What does the “VirusScan for Mendix” module entail?

The module scans uploaded files for viruses, malware and other malicious content.

For whom

Application owners who want to be sure that files stored in the database are secure.


  • Only work with secure files in your application.
  • Prevent the spread of viruses and files with malicious content.

Extra technical information

  • The files are scanned by an externally verified service that is always up to date with the latest virus definition database.
  • Files that come out of the scan are automatically deleted.


Download the “VirusScan for Mendix” module here

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CTO Appronto


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