The benefits
of Mendix

What makes Mendix so fast?

The combination of agile project management, visual modelling, drag-and-drop workflows, social productivity functions, enterprise process integration, ready-made apps from the Mendix App Store and the scalable and secure cloud infrastructure allows small teams to build business applications in days or weeks instead of months or years.

Mendix is widely used in all branches to quickly create customised applications. Because development teams can innovate faster and thus support the business better, you quickly see the benefits.

Business & IT collaboration
Your business team and our specialists work together intensively. This way, the development process is six times faster, resulting in better solutions.

Visual application development
Build user-friendly web, tablet and mobile applications in record speed through visual modelling.

Smart Apps
Make your applications intelligent, proactive and contextual with loT, big data, and machine learning technology.

Grow your organisation
Create digital products and services that surprise and deliver added value faster.

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Bedrijven innoveren sneller, IT blijft in control

Companies innovate faster, IT remains in control

  • From idea to application in one platform
  • Designed for multifunctional business & IT teams
  • Agile project management to monitor scope and progress
  • Up to 6x higher productivity through visual application development
  • 1-click implementation for fast and controlled release management
  • Central application management for efficiency
  • Can be used in all branches
  • Quick customization so that you get the required application if needed
  • Better support for the business through rapid innovation

Smart apps

Make your apps intelligent, proactive and contextual. In the past ten years, business applications have become considerably more sophisticated, from web to mobile to multi-channel apps. Despite this progress, many applications remained passive while waiting for user input.

IoT, Big data and learning machine technology are changing the next generation of business applications. Smart Apps help innovative digital companies with:

  • Intelligence, they give recommendations and guide users to take the next best action;
  • Proactive, they predict what is likely to happen and launch workflows that tell users what to do when;
  • Contextual, they are personalized, aware of the location of users and embedded in processes.

Smart apps

Agile project management

Agile project management

Collaborate. Manage. Repeat.

Manage development projects easily and efficiently via the Mendix platform:

  • Set up a project and team
  • Capture, refine and prioritize user stories
  • Estimate and schedule sprints and releases
  • Progress of monitoring through the use of scrumboards and burn-down charts
  • Use of social tools to improve communication
  • Continuous improvement of applications through direct user feedback

One application for all devices!

With Mendix, the developers of Mendix partner Appronto build beautiful and appropriate applications that work on multiple devices. Do not build separate mobile applications – do it effectively with Mendix. In the rapidly changing market of mobile apps and mobile devices, it is easy to get lost. The multi-device approach from Mendix ensures that you don’t have to worry about this. In addition, it provides a significant cost saving because with the visual modeling environment of Mendix, developers can create the data structure and add business logic on mobile, tablet and web user interfaces faster than ever. The combination of device independent designs + the visual modeling environment + improved collaboration between business and IT ensures that every organization can quickly take advantage of business opportunities in days and weeks – instead of months or years.


Een applicatie voor alle apparaten!

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Breid bestaande systemen uit

Expand existing systems

Seamlessly add new functionality to your existing application landscape. The integration options of Mendix vary from adding completely new functionality to connecting to systems of your chain partners. Mendix ensures seamless integration with any software supplier, provides a significant increase in the adaptability of your IT landscape and improves the flexibility of your organization.

Examples with which Mendix can integrate seamlessly are SAP, Salesforce and Sharepoint.

Visual application development

Better solutions, created with 6x higher productivity

Build multi channel applications at a record pace by visual modeling:

  • Domain model for entities and associations
  • Microflows for application and process logic
  • UI model for reactive design
  • Security layer for applications and module levels

Visuele applicatie ontwikkeling