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Making a difference with IT is a goal countless companies are pursuing. But in reality, most IT departments can just about keep up with the switch to digital products & services, let alone deal with the demands of the business. 

It’s no surprise then that the wishlist of the latter is vast, while the IT budget isn’t. It’s usually just enough to cover the day-to-day running costs of the systems. 

To save both your overworked developers and fuel the business at the same time, Mendix comes to the rescue. Within weeks—a fraction of the standard development time & budget—your teams can create a minimum viable product from scratch. And speed is just one of the many benefits Mendix has to offer. 

What makes Mendix so quick?

The potent combination of Agile project management, visual modelling, drag & drop workflows, social productivity features, enterprise process integration, ready-made apps from the Mendix App Store and scalable, secure cloud infrastructure. This enables small teams to build business applications in days/weeks instead of months/years.

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Bedrijven innoveren sneller, IT blijft in control

Benefit 1: companies speed up innovation, IT remains in control

  • From ideation to application on a single platform
  • Application development software designed for multifunctional business & IT teams
  • Agile project management to monitor scope and progress
  • 6x your productivity with visual application development
  • 1-click implementation for fast and controlled release management
  • Boost your efficiency with central application management
  • Usable for any thinkable industry
  • Quickly customise the application so you can develop according to your needs
  • Speed up innovations to meet the needs of the business

Benefit 2: visual application development

Modelling is the new coding. You don’t need to be a developer to use Mendix. Build multi-channel applications at a record pace using visual modelling. It allows you to speed up development considerably. Built-in modules and templates ensure you don’t have to write all those lines of code from scratch.

  • Domain model for entities & associations
  • Microflows for application and process logic
  • UI model for reactive design
  • Security layer for applications and module levels

Visuele applicatie ontwikkeling

Agile project management

Benefit 3: agile project management

Manage & develop projects both easily and efficiently using the Mendix platform:

  • Create projects & teams
  • Capture, refine & prioritise user stories
  • Estimate and plan sprints and releases
  • Monitor progress using Scrum boards & burn-down charts
  • Improve communication using social tools
  • Enjoy continuous application improvement with immediate user feedback
Bas van der Horst
Managing Director Appronto

Gotta see it to believe it? Get your free demo

Our experts are more than happy to show you the significant benefits Mendix has to offer your business and answer your questions.

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Benefit 4: a single application for all devices!

Stop building separate mobile applications. Start developing beautiful applications that work on multiple devices regardless of screen size. Mendix is the calm, responsive centre in the chaotic, fast-changing world of mobile apps & devices. 

Een applicatie voor alle apparaten!

Breid bestaande systemen uit

Benefit 5: extend current systems

Seamlessly add new features to your current application landscape. Mendix’s integration options range from adding completely new features to connecting to systems of supply chain partners. It seamlessly integrates with software from any supplier, significantly enhances the adaptability of your IT landscape and improves the flexibility of your organisation.

Examples? Mendix seamlessly integrates with SAP, Salesforce and SharePoint.

Benefit 6: smart apps

Make your apps more intelligent, proactive and contextual. Business applications have become increasingly advanced in the last decade, from web to mobile to multichannel apps. Despite this, many applications remain passive pending user input.

IoT, big data and machine learning are changing the next generation of business applications. Smart apps help innovative digital companies using:

  • Intelligence. They guide users to take the next best course of action through recommendations.
  • Proactivity. They predict what is likely to happen and start workflows that tell users what to do when.
  • Contextualisation. They are personalised, aware of user location and embedded within processes.

Smart apps