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A customer portal is a great tool to provide your customers with a higher service level. A customer portal allows you to organise your sales and service processes a lot more efficiently. Appronto knows how to build high-quality customer portals. On this page, we will explain what a customer portal is and how you can effectively utilise it within your organisation.

What is a customer portal?

A customer portal is a digital environment that enables interaction between your customers and the organisation. We’re not talking about a public webshop that can be accessed by anyone, but about a closed web environment that is only accessible to customers that possess the correct login credentials. Where the main goal of a website or webshop is marketing and branding, a customer portal is intended for service and sales. Traditionally, a customer portal was mainly used as a self-service tool, but nowadays, it is much more than just that.

B2B customer portals

More and more B2B organisations are also discovering the potential benefits of customer portals. In a secure digital environment, customers are able to view their contracts, outstanding invoices and the status of orders or services. The customer portal is also an environment where you can place new orders or start service requests. Customer portals make it easier to manage big request loads. This provides many benefits for both the customer and the organisation!

Keys to success

Customer portals can take various shapes. A generic standard solution is seldom the right fit. Only a portal that is able to process your specific requests and business needs can really offer added value to customers. Do your processes and services require a customised approach? Then building your own customer portal with low-code could be an excellent idea. Although every customer portal is different, there are a couple of general keys to success. We will discuss four important ones.

1. User experience is king

A successful customer portal prioritises the needs and wishes of the customer. Major players have set high standards for digital solutions, so customers expect to get the same experience from you!

2. Make it personal

In this day and age, a successful customer portal is more than just an online sales and/or service counter. Personalisation is an absolute must. A customer portal should show your contact details and clarify who you are and what you stand for.

3. Provide an intuitive design

A successful customer portal is based on best practices in the UX field, user testing and user interviews. With an intuitive design, you ensure that customers can use your portal without having to read a bulky manual first.

4. Create an integrated system

Your web environment might already contain different data streams that allow you to combine payment data, customer data and orders. A successful customer portal effortlessly connects these data streams and brings them together in one integrated system. Would you like to know more about our integration options? Click here for additional details.


Since 1923, inspecting flower bulbs has been the core task of the Bloembollenkeuringsdienst (BKD). The organisation carries out quality inspections and import and export inspections on behalf of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). The BKD also conducts laboratory research.

The Bloembollenkeuringsdienst (BKD) used to rely on an old customer communication portal to stay in touch with its growers. But this solution no longer met the standards that the digital age requires. The time had arrived to build a new portal. Where previously a grower had to enter a lot of data on a yearly basis, they can now easily reuse data from the past. This feature has significantly enhanced the overall customer experience.

The new application has a modern look and feel and has greatly improved overall efficiency. The flower bulb growers in our colourful country by the sea can now easily certify batches and keep track of their cultivation efforts.

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As a service organization behind brands such as “” and “Canal digital”, Ezilly provides all customer service in the broadest sense of the word. With hundreds of agents in different European countries, Ezilly serves the customers of six different brands. Streamlined IT services are of course of enormous importance here. Ezilly is very advanced in its use of Mendix applications. But they also started small with Mendix.