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Case management is the best way to ensure that operational processes run in a structured and flexible manner. Case management allows you to organise processes and simultaneously offer a higher level of service to your customers. Appronto has the experience and expertise to provide you with extensive and advanced building case management solutions. On this page, we will explain what case management is and how you can successfully apply it within your organisation.

What is case management?

Case management is a process that strives to achieve a specific objective by handling cases from start to finish under the supervision of a case manager. Examples of case management are, for example, the registration process of a new customer, the execution of a repair process or the execution of an appraisal.

Such cases tend to become more complex once the number of parties involved grows. Where are we in the process? What has and hasn’t been done? What decisions have been taken? And why, by whom and when? The case manager wants and has to have quick access to all of this vital information.

The recipe for success

Many customers administer their case management processes in different systems that do not or only partially exchange data with each other. Insight into the correct status of a process is often unclear, which increases the chance of errors and delays.

A good case management solution must therefore always include the following elements:

Focus on the case at hand

  • Let the case at hand determine how you manage your processes.
  • Create transparency through a dashboard that displays all the relevant information.

Use workflows

  • Support the process by assigning tasks to all of the people involved.
  • Make tasks easy and doable and document the results instantly.

Automate where it is possible

  • Provide business rules that allow you to automatically validate and approve “happy flows”.
  • Only dedicate the valuable time of your employees to cases that can’t be incorporated into automated workflows.
  • Create all the necessary documents in an automated fashion and make sure you send and store them promptly and correctly.


  • Integrate the right case management tools into your IT landscape. Examples are a customer portal and ERP system that allow you to create a single source of truth that is available anytime and anywhere.
  • Don’t enter data twice or in an incorrect fashion.


MainPlus specialises in damage repair in kind. This means that the company helps affected individuals and companies to repair damage to their buildings, contents and inventory. MainPlus relies on a network that consists of carefully selected recovery partners from all over the country. Speed, quality and limiting the damage burden are important aspects of MainPlus’ service supply.

Reliable and quick access to the entire information chain is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to settling a claim. Traditionally, every party involved in the process (the insured, the insurance company and the recovery partner) enters data into their own information management system. This is, however, far from efficient and requires a lot of research and calling or emailing back and forth, which can delay the damage repair process considerably.

“At MainPlus, we quickly realised that there are better ways to shape this process,” says Michel Amptmeijer, general manager of MainPlus. “That is why we developed the software platform MainFlow.” As the name suggests, MainFlow focuses on streamlining the damage repair process. The solution provides access to the IT systems of all the parties involved as quickly as possible and brings all the relevant data together in one central environment. After an insurance claim has been reported, all of the information becomes immediately accessible to insurers, recovery partners and MainPlus.


The world is subject to many changes, something that even applies to a highly traditional industry like the flower bulb trade. Risk-based inspections, fine-tuning cultivation processes to the country of sale and responding in advance to country-specific requirements. The Bloembollenkeuringsdienst (BKD) has to deal with all of these challenges on a daily basis. To remain competitive in the digital age, new web and mobile applications are needed to speed up processes and improve access to information. These digital tools simplify interaction throughout the entire chain and ensure highly-needed digital synergy.

Inspecties en keuringen

The BKD has already taken many steps to respond to all of these developments. Building a mobile application that allows the BKD to speed up and perfect the inspection process was the first step in the right direction. The application is beneficial to all the parties involved, including the BKD, importers and exporters. Introducing MyBKD, a new, user-friendly, flexible and future-proof portal in which all information from and for the grower is available, was the next step towards digital maturity. The portal not only simplifies the registration of parties and the request for tests, but also allows the BKD the opportunity to monitor the progress of tests more closely.

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