Solutions within the service sector

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Challenges and solutions

Many organisations have seen their services grow and change over the years due to shifts in specific customer demands. Subsequently, processes were adjusted and (sub) systems implemented. The result is often an ERP and/or CRM system, surrounded by a patchwork of lists with multiple transfer moments, Excel sheets and other similar applications. Managing such a fragmented, manually-driven infrastructure is an extremely labour-intensive job and increases the chance of errors. In order to keep up with new, often cloud-native players, it is important to streamline the varied range of processes and systems.

Technological innovation is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful forces within the increasingly digitised service sector. Innovation offers opportunities and creates risks, a fact that applies to both established and new market parties and has a profound impact on the service industry as a whole.

Our solutions within the service sector

Casemanagement en workflow

Case management and workflow

Case management is the best way to have operational processes run in a structured and flexible manner. With case management you are able to organize processes more efficiently and at the same time offer a higher service level to your customers.

Inspecties en keuringen

Mobile (field) apps

Many services are performed by service employees who are “on site”. They often still work with notes on paper and in Excel sheets. By digitizing these processes and collecting all input centrally, the chance of errors decreases and there is insight and transparency in the chain. Do you already work digitally?


Customer portal

A customer portal is the way to offer more service to your customers. This allows you to organize your sales and service processes a lot more efficiently. Traditionally, it was mainly used as a self-service tool, but today it is much more than just that.


Digitization is a development that certainly does not leave the services sector unaffected. From now on, the customer is central and processes must be easier, faster and more efficient. New technologies, IT services in the cloud and smart systems using artificial intelligence are just a few of these new developments.


With the help of Mendix and Boomi, Appronto has already built many solutions for service organizations. We give you some examples.