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With the help of Mendix and Boomi, Appronto has already built many smart and future-proof solutions for service organisations. We’re happy to show you a couple of examples.


Autohopper is the number one, no-nonsense car rental company in the Netherlands. Would you like to rent a car or van? Then Autohopper is the place to be. With more than 100 locations, Autohopper is also the car rental company with the largest number of branches in the Netherlands. The company uses a Mendix application to keep its services running smoothly. The existing application was rated a paltry “2” by Autohopper’s franchisees. Partly for this reason, the company called in Appronto to optimise the app.

After a thorough quality scan, Appronto started optimising the Autohopper app. The renewed desktop app has now gone live. The user-friendly application ensures that both the fleet managers at head office and Autohopper’s the rental sites can do their work quickly and efficiently. The Autohopper application 2.0 has received a whopping “8.5” from the satisfied franchisees!


Troostwijk Taxaties

The Troostwijk Groep has been a leader in valuations, claims settlement and real estate advice for almost 90 years. With a team of 160 employees, Troostwijk Taxaties provides professional reports, produced by experts and supported by broad, in-depth knowledge and thorough research.

Troostwijk wants to toughen up commercially and optimise the efficiency of its business processes, thereby increasing returns and customer satisfaction. The previous software package didn’t sufficiently meet these strategic goals and facilitate the new business processes. To improve this, Troostwijk and Appronto developed and built a new IT landscape.

This new IT landscape has already spurred significant improvements. Quality has been improved by centrally registering information and using workflows to quickly and unambiguously go through processes and register decisions. The efficiency and speed of the services have also increased structurally; user-friendly screens allow employees to navigate quickly through all systems and menus. This helps them to instantly provide customers with satisfactory answers.

Do you want to work on the digitization of your services, just like Troostwijk, Autohopper, BKD and Mainplus?

Appronto is happy to think along with you without obligation!

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Bloembollenkeuringsdienst seminar Appronto

Bloembollenkeuringsdienst (BKD)

The world is subject to many changes, something that even applies to a highly traditional industry like the flower bulb trade. Risk-based inspections, adapting the cultivation process to the country of sale, and responding in advance to country-specific requirements are all challenges that the Bloembollenkeuringsdienst (BKD) has to deal with on a daily basis. To remain competitive in the digital age, new web and mobile applications are needed to speed up processes and improve access to information. These digital tools simplify interaction throughout the entire chain and ensure highly-needed digital synergy.

The BKD has already taken many steps to respond to all of these developments. Building a mobile application, which allows the BKD to speed up and perfect the inspection process, was the first step in the right direction. The application is beneficial to all the parties involved, including the BKD, importers and exporters. Introducing MyBKD, a new, user-friendly, flexible and future-proof portal in which all information from and for the grower is available, was the next step towards digital maturity. The portal not only simplifies the registration of parties and the request for tests but also allows the BKD to monitor the progress of tests more closely.


MainPlus specialises in damage repair in kind. This means that the company helps affected individuals and companies to repair damage to their buildings, contents and inventory. MainPlus relies on a network of carefully selected recovery partners from all over the country. Speed, quality and limiting the damage burden are always paramount.


Reliable and quick access to the entire information chain is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to settling a claim. Traditionally, every party involved in the process (the insured, the insurance company and the recovery partner) enters data into their own information management system. This is far from efficient and requires a lot of research and calling or emailing back and forth, which can delay the damage repair process considerably.

“At MainPlus, we quickly realised that there are better ways to shape this process,” says Michel Amptmeijer, general manager of MainPlus. “That is why we developed the software platform MainFlow.” As the name suggests, MainFlow focuses on streamlining the damage repair process. The solution provides access to the IT systems of all of the parties involved as quickly as possible and brings all the relevant data together in one central environment. After an insurance claim has been reported, every piece of information is immediately accessible to insurers, recovery partners and MainPlus.


Digitization is a development that certainly does not leave the services sector unaffected. From now on, the customer is central and processes must be easier, faster and more efficient. New technologies, IT services in the cloud and smart systems using artificial intelligence are just a few of these new developments.


Technological innovation is without a doubt one of the most important forces within the service sector. Innovation offers opportunities and risks, a fact that applies to both established and new market parties and has an impact on the services sector as a whole.