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Are you looking for a fast and flexible way to report?

With the Reporting for Mendix module, reports can easily be made by the user. It is faster and more extensive than the standard Mendix reports.

When to use

  • If standard Mendix data retrieval is too slow and BI software is too much for the job.
  • For the rapid and flexible development of reports and overviews.
  • In environments with a lot of data.
  • Filling in ad-hoc reporting requests (think of top 20 active customers, new orders of the past week, etc.).

What does the “Reporting for Mendix” module entail?

  • Compile queries graphically using your application and easily export the results.
  • Periodic collection of statistics for reporting.
  • Plan the purging of large amounts of historical data.

For whom

  • For end-users who want to easily make reports and selections by themselves.
  • For application managers who want to create and report ad-hoc queries.
  • For business engineers who want to develop dashboards based on query data.

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Interested in a demo of the Reporting for Mendix module?

We are happy to show you how the module works and what the benefits are for your organisation.

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  • Simple: End-users create and manage their own reports and lists.
  • Flexible: No new release needed for every new report.
  • Fast: Direct OQL on the database and export without data persisting.

Extra technical information

  • Support for: n-deep joins, selects, aggregates, having, where clauses, order by and more
  • Import and export queries across environments with the DTAP sync extension
  • Use calculated attributes in OQL queries
Pim van der Noll
CTO Appronto


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