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A quality analysis of your Mendix application with Omnext

Do you always want to be sure that your Mendix applications meet the highest quality and safety standards? Then Omnext has a number of services that enable you to perform a thorough quality analysis. Together they form The Omnext Fit & Secure Test, an objective test that thoroughly examines the quality and security of your applications. Read more about the Omnext services and what they can do for your organization.

Omnext Quality Analysis

The Omnext Quality Analysis offers you the opportunity to regularly perform quality analyzes on one or more Mendix applications for a period of at least one year. The analyzes test applications against so-called industry best practices and elements from the ISO 25010 guideline for software quality. The primary purpose of the analyses? Providing an objective, independent and as complete as possible insight into the technical quality of the analyzed applications.

The Quality Analysis measures the source code of your Mendix application and screens it for possible pain points and possibilities. The Omnext Quality Analysis goes a little further than just evaluating the Mendix model. You also have the option to analyze custom Java code in Mendix projects. This Java analysis automatically checks all custom Java code added to an application and tests it against Java-specific industry best practices and parts of the ISO 25010.

Access Rule Analysis

A second quality inspection service offered by Omnext is the Access Rule Analysis. This is a specialized and fully automated application level Mendix security audit. The audit gives you direct insight into the access and authorization security (roles and rights) within a Mendix application. Using a CRUD overview (create, read, update and delete), the analysis assesses for all pages and roles whether users have access to unauthorized information.

Thanks to Access Rule Analysis you can check authority and access settings and mark them as ‘verified’. In addition, this tool detects changes in the above settings and automatically creates alerts that alert users to possible data breaches. A great tool for monitoring your privacy policy and data protection!

Open-Source Analysis

The third component of the Omnext package is the Open Source Analysis. This, also automated, analysis identifies all open source components of your Mendix application(s). You can immediately see which versions and licenses you are using and what the weak spots are. Think, for example, of outdated components or parts with a known security hole. This way you can immediately see whether you are using the latest and safest versions and licenses.

Continuous updating

For Omnext, it is important that organizations continuously update and update the set of best practices against which they test an application. To achieve this, Omnext uses input from Mendix partners, clients and input from the Mendix community (users, developers and more).

The Appronto program Stay Fit & Secure uses Omnext’s smart analysis tools to scan whether your software is properly built. If there are new best practice checks, we will first share an overview of the newly implemented checks and their impact with you before implementing the changes in the Omnext Online Portal.

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