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20 November 2019

The very first UX MVP works at Appronto!

Minke van Dooremalen
Marketing Manager

Twice a year, Mendix selects new Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) to recognize the best and most loyal developers for their ongoing contributions and dedication to Mendix. But you don’t just become an MVP.

Jason is the first UX MVP ever

Jason TeunissenSo far, only Mendix developers have been named MVP. But Jason managed to earn this title as a UX specialist. A special achievement, although Jason himself remains down to earth: “Mendix also sees that UX is becoming increasingly important in the development of innovative solutions for both the B2B and B2C sectors. It is therefore only logical that they now also appoint UXers as MVPs. It was a gamble when I submitted my nomination request, but my efforts were rewarded and my knowledge recognized.” says Jason.

MVP program admission requirements

To be nominated for the MVP program, you must not only be good at your profession. You must play an important role in the Mendix Community and actively share your knowledge, both online and offline.

For example, by consistently contributing to the Mendix Forum and helping users by providing answers to important questions. Jason also plays an active role in optimizing and giving feedback on the Atlas UI Sass via Github, writing how-to blogs, help with the nomination for MVP.

Jason knows this like no other: He is the most active UX person on the Mendix forum and successfully set up a slack channel for UX. He also blogs frequently to share his knowledge and regularly attends Meetups. Now that he is MVP, he can make the community even stronger.

Sharing knowledge as a MVP

“The appointment for MVP is a one-year appointment. Maybe after that I will be nominated again, but I will see that later” says Jason. “During this year I regularly attend meetings at Mendix and I gain insight into Mendix’s” roadmap” and strategy.

With that knowledge I can respond even better to future developments. As an MVP, I will of course continue to share my knowledge. In the Mendix Community and with our customers. An additional advantage is that I now have even more direct contact with Mendix: if I cannot answer a question from another developer, I can easily consult with Mendix and come to a solution. The Community also benefits from that!”

Development as an expert

On a personal level, to be a MVP means that he can develop even better in the field of UX. It proves that he is an expert, but thanks to his new status and the insights he receives during the sessions at Mendix, he can further increase his expertise as a UX designer. There is also a chance that Mendix will ask him to share his knowledge as a speaker during events.

Give feedback to Mendix

“Furthermore,” says Jason, “you are also a sparring partner for Mendix during the year that you are an MVP. What do people encounter? What is the need for? What works well and what could be better? These issues are also discussed during the meetings at Mendix and as an MVP I can contribute to the further development of the platform.”

Appronto congratulates Jason

Appronto is quite proud of Jason as MVP. Not only because it is a confirmation of his expertise, but also because he is the very first UX person to earn this title. We hope that he will enjoy this year to the fullest!