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23 October 2017

Netsuite plugin for Dell Boomi

Sjaak Overgaauw

Appronto has developed a plugin for Netsuite and Boomi. In a nutshell: this plugin expands the integration options of Netsuite and Dell Boomi Atomsphere.  So, what are the benefits?

  • Suitable for both real-time and near-real-time use cases
  • Support for first-in, first out use cases (FIFO)
  • Scalable solution: suitable for high volumes
  • Reduces implementation and maintenance and therefore save budget
  • Promotes re-use of components through the use of  integration templates
  • Better performance compared to solutions based on the standard Netsuite connector


Integrating Netsuite is what we do a lot at Appronto. The reason is simple: Netsuite is going strong in the Cloud ERP market. And since Dell Boomi has a very powerful connector for Netsuite, there is a lot of demand for Netsuite integrations.

Without doing a complete review of the Netsuite product, it’s fair to say that Netsuite offers a lot of functionality out of the box. All base functionality for Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing is there. New features are usually released twice a year. It also offers the possibility to create custom tables, fields, forms and workflows. And all easy to implement. To summarise: we think it’s a good product for scale-ups and midsize businesses who need flexibility.


Q: does the Netsuite plugin for Dell Boomi replace the standard Netsuite connector?
A: No, it’s a standalone solution. But it makes use of the standard Netsuite connector

Q: do we need additional Boomi licenses to use this plugin?
A: Yes, this solution makes use of Atom message queuing. For real-time integration processes, you will need a license for Boomi web services. In all cases, you don’t need additional Boomi connectors.

For near real-time integrations, the solution pulls events through a scheduled process with an interval as of 1 minute. For real-time integrations, Netsuite will push events to Boomi thru a web service. Therefore, you need a web services license. Keep in mind though that you often don’t need a real-time integration.

Q: do we need additional Netsuite licenses?
A: No, the solution makes use of the same standard Netsuite Connector.

Q: is it difficult to install the plugin?
A: No. Installing the Netsuite plugin is very easy. It only requires a few setup steps in Netsuite. An experienced Netsuite administrator can do this in a few hours. There are no custom connectors or Jars needed on the Boomi side.

Q: why does this solution it perform better than designs based on the standard Netsuite connector only?
A: events are pointers to the corresponding Netsuite object such as a sales order, a customer etc. These are very compact XML’s which have no parent or child relations with other Netsuite Objects. Generating a Netsuite event record and querying these from Boomi does cost very little time. In addition to that, individual GET calls are then used to retrieve the complete XML of the corresponding object. For example, a Customer object.

Q: which events are supported by the Netsuite plugin?
A: all standard Netsuite events are supported. That includes events of custom tables. But you can also generate your own events using Netsuite scripting

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