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1 June 2015

Document generation For Mendix, Finally

Pim van der Noll
Chief Technology Officer

Appronto built the Document Generation for Mendix module. This is a very powerful solution for document generation. Especially when it comes to complex document templates with much styling, it will cost you days configuring the right template within Mendix. As every Mendix Business Engineer knows: configuring rich templates with conditional styling (user x wants a bold header, user y wants it underlined, etc.) is very time consuming and a hard thing to do.

Why not let your end users use MS Word to create a template?

In this blog I will describe how to implement this module in your project, based on an example case where Appronto built an invoice template. This is also the documentation that is available in the Mendix app store. In this case we saved 70% (> 10 days) time compared to building the template in Mendix versus building the template within Word. A lot of time was saved by users who now create their own derived templates instead of us having to build every user requirement into one template.

If you don’t want to follow this guide but you want to check it all out really quick, download the Appronto Modules Example project that contains a quick example. 


  • Advanced Word template based merging to PDF, Word, HTML, and much more
  • Data merge with data coming from micro flows
  • N-deep attribute references (just like a data grid)
  • N-deep nested tables (compare with template grid in template grid in template grid etc.)



This is a very powerful module. Please try it out for free, it’s available and directly downloadable within the Mendix App Store.

You can extend it just the way you want. In the example case we extended the module with a Template Gallery. In that way end users don’t have to create a template from scratch but just selects a basic template, which can be edited.  Below an example:


To run the module in the cloud and/or production you’ll need a license. In development on your local machine the module will run without license. For production license please contact us.

Known issues

  • Cloud security needs to be disabled in the older V3 Mendix Cloud, you’ll have to file a ticket to gain the (“java.lang.RuntimePermission” “preferences”) permission. In all the V4 envrionments of the Mendix cloud it is no issue.
  • Getting exceptions? Enable DocumentGenerationlog node on trace level and you’ll see where things go wrong.


  • Appronto licenser
  • Mendix 7

Download this module in the Mendix App Store!

Download it now!