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Master Data Management

Data forms the core of every application, process and system in your organisation, from account management to marketing, finance, supply chain activities and much more. Master data management (MDM) is about how you can ensure that the most important data is easy to find and maintain. Adequately designed MDM ensures that your master data (e.g., customers, products, locations, suppliers, etc.) is the same in all environments. It is concerned with the core of your business processes and the relationships between them.

Appronto helps you to match, clean and enrich your data. This data is then forwarded to subscribed systems so that the data stays neatly in sync. MDM is the main concern for many organisations, and that is a good thing!

Polluted master data

Almost every modern organisation has built up a network of various systems. The result is that the same master data is stored in different places, and while it is being maintained in one place, it is often not in another. Incorrect master data can cause this data to end up in other applications. For example, an incorrect address may mean that orders are sent to the wrong place, a wrong name can mean that customers are counted twice, and an old product name can mean that products that no longer exist are being sold. This type of error almost always causes problems that need to be sorted out and solved. This takes time, money and causes annoyance among employees and customers. Therefore, a good MDM always has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is very important to have your master data in order.

Do you also want to improve the quality of your master data so you do not see your processes fail as often and so you can guarantee reliable management information?

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Of companies with customer-oriented MDM:

  • 89% are more frequent in their use of unstructured social data
  • 46% are more satisfied with the ease of use of their data systems
  • Have their data more than 95% complete 2.3 times
  • 81% more often see improvements in time-to-information
  • Hold on 2.8 times more than 90% to their customer base