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Making it simple: acquiring knowledge for free

When you immerse yourself the field of low code software development, you will both be flooded with information and many questions will arise. How does it work exactly? What are the options? What is possible and what is not possible? And how can Appronto help me? We have listed a range of subjects you might want to know more about. We also share tips, step-by-step plans, and other kinds of information that is worth reading, so you can access this knowledge for free.

Of course, we prefer meeting in person. Let us inform you about the latest developments as soon as possible!

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Aurum Brothers

“As soon as you have requirements that cannot be implemented in an ERP system with standard components, or if you want to integrate with multiple systems, then Appronto can certainly play a good role in taking care of that. Not for the least part because they have a great deal of knowledge of those underlying systems.”


“We deliberately chose Mendix because it is a very scalable program. We are very pleased that development can be quick, and the fact that it is very easy to integrate with other systems.”

Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG)

"In 2016, we at NHG made the choice to switch from multiple systems to one system. Then we went looking for a platform and a party that could help us implement it. We arrived at Mendix & Appronto. Appronto met all the requirements we set."

Appronto brings investor Holland Capital on board for growth ambitions

Thanks to this investment, we will work closely with three other portfolio companies, namely cards PLM Solutions, Dimensys and Magnus...

Appronto winner of the Boomi EMEA Spotlight Award 2021

Appronto has been named the winner of the Boomi EMEA Spotlight Award 2021 by Boomi, the specialist in smart connectivity...

Appronto ISO certified

Recently, Appronto can call itself ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, a process that we have started together with Molenaar...