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With the help of Mendix and Boomi, Appronto has already built many smart and future-proof digital solutions for a wide array of financial service providers. Let’s look at some examples.

Digitalising processes – VDL

Appronto has built a comprehensive and fully-functioning software factory for the well-known Dutch car manufacturer VDL. We optimised the existing application landscape and expanded it with a diverse spectrum of new applications. In addition, we’ve trained our own VDL Nedcar software development team on Mendix. Under the guidance of Appronto, this team will eventually form the heart of the VDL Nedcar low-code factory. The main advantage? The company is now fully ready for further digitalisation of its business and production processes.

Together, we managed to build applications for all the supporting processes (visitor registration, security round and idea box), as well as applications for the production processes. Good examples are the sophisticated planning app for VDL’s 5000 production employees and a smart production solution that digitises the paper communication about cars on the production belt. This allows the manufacturer to communicate more accurately and optimise the production process.

Chain integration – Secrid

Secrid, a company from The Hague that makes beautiful and innovative wallets, uses multiple systems and databases that have to be linked together. The company also has a portfolio of very specific products that are difficult to capture in a standard software solution. Secrid also has large numbers of suppliers managed in Mendix.

With the help of Mendix and Boomi, Appronto has built a supplier portal for Secrid. This portal is the platform that helps Secrid and its suppliers to work better together. How? By making stock and planning more transparent for all parties. By continuously sharing insights, information and knowledge, one chain and one universal version of the truth is ultimately created.

The smart factory of Weener Plastics

Weener Plastics is a renowned, globally operating manufacturer of injection-moulded plastic packaging. For this company, Appronto has developed an application that relieves employees of tasks that used to require a lot of time and manpower. Think of preparing adjustment overviews or making a transport request. An important step on the road to process optimisation! In addition, we have trained our own IT team within the company so we can build innovative applications ourselves. The ultimate goal: to create an innovation factory that will deliver even more smart systems in the near future.

Ron Marree, Global Head of Operations: “As a basis for the deployment of Mendix, we have chosen as a company to think carefully about best practices within our organization and then support them with an application developed in Mendix. The built-in system of short, efficient sprints, writing user stories and the great participation of all involved contribute enormously to the success.

De slimme fabriek van Weener Plastics

Recently the TMS (Transport Management System) application for Weener Plastics went live and taken into use. The Mendix app automates the logistics processes surrounding the transport and the planning, administration and financial processing thereof.

Do you want to get started with the digitalisation of your business and production processes, just like VDL, Secrid and Weener Plastics?

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The industry is a dynamic sector that is in full swing in the digital age. More than ever, the demand and specific wishes of the end customer dictate the production process and the practical design of the supply chain. Innovation, sustainable developments and global trends also mean that the industry has to constantly reinvent itself. Three major trends are currently predominant.


There are a few pain points and challenges that are common in the industry. For example, how do you create more efficiency in production, so that you can deliver more output in the same time frame? It all starts with digitization. By reducing the number of manual actions in a process, you reduce the number of errors and you gain in terms of time, costs and efficiency.

Within the industry we know a few specific subcategories in which Appronto has a lot of experience. On these pages we inform you about the most important trends and show you specific solutions that we have built for our customers in this sub-sector.



The size and nature of urban mobility is changing at a rapid pace. Continuing urbanization, digitization of society, new modes of transport and transport services – all these (and more) developments influence our mobility and transport choices.

FMCG & Retail

FMCG & Retail

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail are part of the consumer products industry. The manufacturing industry is confronted on a daily basis with the capriciousness and demanding nature of consumers and is forced to distinguish itself from competitors. This makes customization important.

Verpakkingen en plastics

Packaging and plastics

Today’s packaging is more than disposable wrappers that protect products. They are also banners and marketing tools that distinguish a brand. It is therefore not surprising that companies are investing more and more time and money in inviting and high-quality packaging. The plastic industry is in full swing!