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Case management is the best way to ensure that operational processes run in a structured and flexible manner. Case management allows you to organise processes and simultaneously offer a higher service level to your customers. Appronto has the experience and expertise to provide you with extensive and advanced building case management solutions. On this page, we will explain what case management is and how you can successfully apply it within your organisation.

What is case management?

Case management is a process that strives to achieve a specific objective by handling cases from start to finish under the coordination of a case manager. Examples of case management in the financial world are the (special) management process for mortgages or the application process for a loan.

Such cases tend to become more complex once more parties become involved in the correct handling of the process. Where are we in the process? What has already been done? And what remains to be done? What decisions have been taken? And why, by whom and when? The case manager wants and has to have quick access to this vital information.

The recipe for success

Many customers administer their case management processes in different systems that do not or only partially exchange data with each other. Insight into the correct status of a process is often unclear, which increases the chance of errors and delays.

A good case management solution must therefore always include the following elements:

Focus on the case at hand

  • The case should determine how you manage your processes.
  • Create transparency through a dashboard that displays all the relevant information.

Use workflows

  • Support the process by assigning tasks to all of the people involved.
  • Make tasks easy and doable and document the results instantly.

Automate where it is possible

  • Provide business rules that allow you to automatically validate and approve “happy flows”.
  • Only dedicate the valuable time of your employees to cases that can’t be incorporated into automated workflows.
  • Automatically create all documents and make sure you send and store them promptly and correctly.


  • Integrate the right case management tools into your IT landscape. Consider, for example, a customer portal and ERP system, so that a single source of truth is available anytime and anywhere.
  • Don’t enter data twice or in an incorrect fashion.

Nationale Hypotheek Garantie

The National Mortgage Guarantee serves a twofold purpose: it is a residual debt insurance for consumers and a surety for lenders. Thanks to the guarantee, more than 1.3 million households have been able to find and finance the property of their dreams.

In 2016, Appronto started replacing NHG’s entire application landscape. The need for this major operation was fueled by three main factors:

  1. Strategic. NHG wanted to launch a range of new services geared towards specific groups of people, such as senior citizens, freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  2. Tactical. Digital chain integration by digitising and standardising the data exchange with all lenders in the Netherlands was an important goal of the project.
  3. Operational. NHG was striving to optimise all its internal processes and data management so that the entire NHG team could work in a more efficient way.

ING Appronto

ING Bank

Appronto and the ING team are partners in innovation and often closely collaborate to develop new applications. An interesting example is a project in ING’s Document & Content Services department. This team is responsible for handling all process and transaction communications for the eight million customers of the bank. At ING, 600 customer journey experts (CJEs) work in small, multidisciplinary and self-organising teams (squads) that are responsible, among other things, for optimising the customer journeys of the bank’s clients.

To provide people with the best possible customer journey, it was necessary to create an internal environment that allows the CJEs to collaborate more efficiently and effectively. The CoCoS project, a joint effort of ING, Appronto and Mendix, was nominated for the Computable Awards in the Digital Transformation of the Year category back in 2019.

Do you want to get started with case management & workflows, just like the NHG and ING Bank?

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