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Pain points and solutions

Digitization in financial services poses challenges, especially for providers and regulators. For example, new technology places higher demands on the controlled and ethical operational management of financial institutions. How do you deal with privacy and data ownership? How do you create solidarity in insurance? And how do you design new methods to influence online choices?

In addition, new forms of financial (cyber) crime are putting financial institutions under considerable pressure. Security risks are increasing, making cybersecurity a theme that is consuming more and more attention and financial resources. Technological innovation is without a doubt one of the most important forces within the financial sector. Innovation offers opportunities and risks, a fact that applies to both established and new market parties and has an impact on the financial sector as a whole.

Our financial services solutions

Casemanagement en workflow

Casemanagement en workflow

Case management is the best way to have operational processes run in a structured and flexible manner. With case management you are able to organize processes more efficiently and at the same time offer a higher service level to your customers.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data Management

Adequately designed MDM ensures that your master data (information about customers, products, locations, suppliers, etc.) is uniform in all environments. It focuses on the core of your business processes and the relationships between various sub-processes.


Customer portal

A customer portal is the way to offer more service to your customers. This allows you to organize your sales and service processes a lot more efficiently. Traditionally, it was mainly used as a self-service tool, but today it is much more than just that.


Digitization is a development that also affects the financial sector. More and more innovative applications driven by modern technology are emerging. Consider, for example, specialist mobile applications, smart portals and new forms of financing such as crowdfunding. The digitization of the financial sector is mainly driven by 4 important trends.


With the help of Mendix and Boomi, Appronto has already built many solutions for companies active in financial services. We show some examples.