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The credit crunch has made the world more suspicious of debt. From an international point of view, the total size of Dutch mortgage debt is quite large. Many economists and financial experts therefore see this mountain of debt as a long-term threat to the financial stability of individual households, banks and the Dutch economy as a whole.

Total bank mortgage lending to Dutch households has been moving between 525 and 540 billion euros for about 10 years. Almost 61% of all households in the Netherlands have a mortgage, whereas the European average is only 26.5%. This has created a huge, multi-player market.

Characteristics of the mortgage process

Appronto has extensive experience when it comes to dealing with the different phases of the mortgage process and offers solutions for many parts of the customer journey.

  • Orientation and information
    This part of the mortgage process is aimed at creating effective insights into the possibilities and impossibilities of financing and insurance.
  • Onboarding
    Get to know your customers and be sure to have a good KYC (know your customer) policy in place when you register new clients.
  • Customer portal
    A good customer portal acts as a self-service environment for your customers that gives them insight into the status of their mortgage. It also takes care of standard procedures, such as early repayment.
  • Consumer app
    A mobile app for your customers that gives them ample opportunities to communicate effectively and to declare receipts for the construction deposit.
  • Management process
    Case management solutions for processes such as (special) management, risk management for third parties, privacy registration or intermediary administration.
  • System integration
    A seamless and streamlined digital data exchange between internal systems and master data management.
  • Supply chain integration
    The digital exchange of data with all of your chain partners.


Preparing sound mortgage advice is a complex task. There are many variables that the advisor and the buyer must take into account. What is the maximum amount of money someone can lend? And what about the risk of death and disability during the running time of the mortgage? In association with Pokket, Appronto has succeeded in creating a very user-friendly application that makes the complex simple and enables advisors to gain quick insights into the opportunities, possibilities and risks. The new application does this better and about 40 times faster than the old system!

Supersnel inzicht in hypotheek & verzekeringen - Pokket

Nationale Hypotheek Garantie

NHG offers the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (National Mortgage Guarantee) as a residual debt insurance policy for consumers and a surety for lenders. Thanks to the guarantee, more than 1.3 million households have been able to find and finance the home of their choosing.

In 2016, Appronto started replacing the entire NHG application landscape. There were three main reasons to carry out this major operation:

  1. Strategic. NHG wanted to launch a range of new services geared towards specific groups of people, such as senior citizens, freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  2. Tactical. Digital chain integration by digitising and standardising the data exchange with all lenders in the Netherlands was an important goal of the project.
  3. Operational. NHG strives to optimise all the internal processes and data management so that the entire NHG team is able to work in a more efficient way.

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