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Financial technology, often abbreviated to fintech, is new technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. It competes with traditional financial institutions and business methods.

A typical trait of fintechs is the high level of innovation that characterises their ecosystem of financial services. Their aim is to disrupt the status quo of established financial institutions within a particular niche or service group. There has been an increase in the number of companies that provide financial products and services to consumers. The identity of fintechs ranges from traditional banks to cloud-native tech companies and e-commerce companies.

Appronto is very active in the world of fintechs. Various customers in the world of banking are experiencing rapid growth and therefore need to step up their digital game. On this page, you can read all about the most important trends in this sector. We will also show you what Appronto does in the dynamic world of modern fintechs.


To understand the modern phenomenon that is fintech, we should first delve a little deeper into the major trends that shape this challenging and dynamic field of financial technology.

1. Bundling, unbundling and rebundling services

In the beginning, fintechs mainly focused on sharing the value chain and making financial services more customer-friendly, cost-efficient and fully digital. But it soon became apparent that consumers were looking for a broader package. Many fintechs therefore “rebundle” and seek out the ecosystem to collaborate with the traditional banks. This also grants them a stronger balance sheet position and ensures better compliance with existing laws and regulations.

2. Banks strike back

Some fintechs have managed to steal a portion of the commercial pie from traditional banks. And while these fintechs have tried to significantly increase their impact, their influence on the world of finance has so far been relatively limited. In the meantime, banks and other traditional financial institutions are also busy closing investments and partnerships with fintechs. This means that the world of international fintech is still far from stable.

3. Banks also discover cloud technology

They hesitated for a while, but financial service providers and banks are finally adopting cloud solutions on a grand scale. Until recently, nearly half (43%) of the banks did not have a cloud strategy and many banks had not yet started migrating their data to the cloud. But that has changed. More and more banks are moving towards cloud-based technology.

4. Solutions for the unbanked and underbanked

Globally, there are still a lot of people who make little or no use of banks. Most of these people live in non-western countries, but together they form an enormous market with an even greater growth potential. These new consumers are not tied to long-term financial habits and existing banks and thus form a potentially large and new market for fintechs, provided that these new key financial players manage to find ways to comply with the necessary regulations.

Collin Crowdfund

Collin Crowdfund was founded to support Dutch SME entrepreneurs with their financing plans and to provide investors with a well-vetted investment opportunity. The Collin Crowdfund platform was built from scratch by Appronto and provides fully automated end-to-end support to entrepreneurs for all their financing needs. It also acts as a one-stop-shop portal for private individuals.

An incredible 99.5% of the loans that appear on the Collin Crowdfund platform are fully funded. In total, this has already amounted to a spectacular total of more than €250,000,000 since the platform’s inception.


Watch this video featuring CEO Jeroen ter Huurne:
“At the time, I said that we built an entire bank within six months. It is important to use the most suitable technology to pull off a big project like this. Luckily, Mendix delivered on its promise and provided the solutions we were looking for.”

API management oplossing on-top of SAP – Global PSP

Global PSP

This customer is a globally active payment service provider that focuses on emerging economies. The company offers over 400 payment methods in more than 50 countries. About 200,000 companies make use of their solutions.

For this company, Appronto replaced the existing Tibco ESB bus with a modern API management solution based on Dell Boomi. With the help of this API, which works in real time, bills, payments and customers can easily be processed in the central SAP system.
At peak times, the solution processes more than 500,000 invoices per day. To properly handle these numbers, Appronto developed not only the actual integration, but also a highly available multi-node cluster in Boomi. The cluster uses very advanced monitoring techniques. The number of disruptions in this business-critical application has been reduced to a bare minimum since the introduction of the new solution.

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