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Customer cases and solutions

With the help of Mendix and Boomi, Appronto has already built many smart and future-proof digital solutions for a wide array of financial service providers. Let’s look at some examples.

Modernising legacy solutions – NHG

NHG offers the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (National Mortgage Guarantee) as a residual debt insurance policy for consumers and a surety for lenders. Thanks to the guarantee, more than 1.3 million households have been able to find and finance the home of their choosing.

In 2016, Appronto started replacing NHG’s entire application landscape. There were three main reasons for carrying out this major operation:

  1. Strategic. NHG wanted to launch a range of new services geared towards specific groups of people, such as senior citizens, freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  2. Tactical. Digital chain integration by digitising and standardising the data exchange with all lenders in the Netherlands was an important goal of the project.
  3. Operational. NHG strives to optimise all the internal processes and data management so that the entire NHG team is able to work in a more efficient way.

The Dutch market leader in crowdfunding – Collin Crowdfund

Collin Crowdfund was founded to support Dutch SME entrepreneurs with their financing plans and to provide investors with a well-vetted investment opportunity. The Collin Crowdfund platform was built from scratch by Appronto and provides fully automated end-to-end support to entrepreneurs for all their financing needs. It also acts as a one-stop-shop portal for private individuals.

An incredible 99.5% of the loans that appear on the Collin Crowdfund platform are fully funded. In total, this has already amounted to a spectacular total of more than €250,000,000 since the platform’s inception.

Watch this video featuring CEO Jeroen ter Huurne:
“At the time, I said that we built an entire bank within six months. It is important to use the most suitable technology to pull off a big project like this. Luckily, Mendix delivered on its promise and provided the solutions we were looking for.”

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ING Appronto

Operational efficiency – ING Bank

Appronto and the ING team have already developed several applications in close collaboration. A great example is a project in ING’s Document & Content Services department. This team is responsible for handling all process and transaction communications for the eight million customers of the bank. At ING, 600 customer journey experts (CJEs) work in small, multidisciplinary and self-organising teams (squads) that are responsible for, among other things, optimising the customer journeys of the bank’s clients.

To provide people with the best possible customer journey, it was necessary to create an internal environment in which the CJEs could collaborate more efficiently and effectively with each other in the field of customer communication. In 2019, the CoCoS project, a joint effort of ING, Appronto and Mendix, was nominated for the Computable Awards in the Digital Transformation of the Year category.

API management solution on top of SA – Global PSP

This customer is a globally active payment service provider that focuses on emerging economies. The company offers over 400 payment methods in more than 50 countries. About 200,000 companies make use of their solutions.

For this company, Appronto replaced the existing Tibco ESB bus with a modern API management solution based on Dell Boomi. With the help of this API, which works in real time, bills, payments and customers can easily be processed in the central SAP system.
At peak times, the solution processes more than 500,000 invoices per day. To properly handle these numbers, Appronto developed not only the actual integration, but also a highly available multi-node cluster in Boomi. The cluster uses very advanced monitoring techniques. The number of disruptions in this business-critical application has been reduced to a bare minimum since the introduction of the new solution.

API management oplossing on-top of SAP – Global PSP

Supersnel inzicht in hypotheek & verzekeringen - Pokket

Super-fast insights in mortgages and insurances – Pokket

Preparing sound mortgage advice is a complex and often daunting task. There are many variables that the advisor and the buyer must take into account. What is the maximum mortgage sum someone can get? And what about the risk of death and disability during the running time of the mortgage? In association with Pokket, Appronto has succeeded in creating a very user-friendly application that makes the complex simple and enables advisors to gain better insights into the opportunities, possibilities and risks about 40 times faster.


Digitization is a development that also affects the financial sector. More and more innovative applications driven by modern technology are emerging. Consider, for example, specialist mobile applications, smart portals and new forms of financing such as crowdfunding. The digitization of the financial sector is mainly driven by 4 important trends.


Digitalisation in financial services poses challenges, especially for providers and regulators. For example, new technology places higher demands on the ethical operational management of financial institutions. How do you deal with privacy and data ownership? How do you create solidarity in insurance? And how do you design new methods to influence online choices?

Within financial services we know a few specific subcategories in which Appronto has a lot of experience. On these pages we inform you about the most important trends and show you specific solutions that we have built for our customers in this sub-sector.



The banking system will look very different in the near and distant future than it does today. Faced with changing consumer expectations, emerging technologies and new business models, banks will now need to develop strategies that prepare them for the banking industry of the future.



Within fintechs there is a high level of innovation within the ecosystem of financial services. The aim is always to disrupt the status quo of established financial institutions within a particular niche or service group. There has been an increase in the number and type of companies that provide financial products and services to consumers. The range of fintechs ranges from traditional banks to technology and e-commerce companies.



The size of Dutch mortgages is very large from an international point of view. Almost 61% of all households in the Netherlands have a mortgage, whereas the average in Europe is only 26.5 percent. A huge market in which many players are active.