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Better communication with remote employees or on the work floor? Use the intuitive 2GetR employee app!

Before the corona pandemic, employees remained involved in events in a company by chatting at the coffee machine or with a colleague in the workplace. This has now completely changed. Remote working quickly became the norm and keeping up to date with what is happening at work became a lot more difficult. For many companies, this raises new challenges: how do you keep in touch with your remote employees and ensure good mutual communication and coordination?

In addition, there are also employees who are rarely found in an office environment anyway. For example, they walk through warehouses, work on factory floors or carry out inspections. They are almost always ‘remote’ and will remain so after the pandemic. Appronto’s 2GetR app solves these challenges.

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Employee app 2GetR

About the 2GetR app

The 2GetR app is an employee app that enables employees to receive personalized, relevant information from their organization at any time, wherever they are. They can do this by simply opening the app to check for news or through push notifications. This way they always stay informed of what is going on. Moreover, this creates one central source of information for all company information, which means that the number of messages on other communication channels can be drastically reduced.

“With the 2GetR app, you give employees one central place where they can communicate with their employer in a modern and user-friendly way, whether they are at the office or not. They can view and arrange their HR-related matters, communicate with colleagues, actively working on safety and being kept informed of relevant news in the organization. This increases involvement and streamlines time-consuming processes. A win-win for all parties involved.”

Bas van der Horst
Managing Director
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Effective mobile communication with your team

  • One central source of information for all company information
  • Share information directly with all your employees, at the office, at home, workplace or external location
  • Share relevant and segmented business information, e.g. focused on region or department
  • Ability to comment, “like” and share on social media posts and videos
  • Push Notifications and Polls
  • Fast and safe interaction with your colleagues through chat and messaging function
  • Overview events
  • Insight into which content generates the most interaction

Various integrated HR-related functionalities

  • Work schedule overview
  • Request leave or absence, approve/reject, insight into available vacation days
  • Time and hour registration
  • Overtime insight
  • View pay slip
  • View annual overview
  • Report sick
  • Onboarding process
  • Contact information of your colleagues and birthdays
  • Access your favorite apps
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Make safety, health, environment and quality a priority

  • Immediately report security incidents
  • Informing calamities thanks to push notification
  • Insight into the latest versions of safety protocols and checklists

In this video you will discover how to use the 2GetR app

  • Quickly and easily communicates with employees on the work floor;
  • By push notifications informing all employees immediately about important events;
  • You can report incidents and safety issues directly via the app.

Make a difference for your organization and your employees now

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Default template

The 2GetR app is a Mendix template. This is a basic set-up for your employee application, a standard template that we immediately use as a starting point. The template contains the following functionalities:

Customization options

If you are looking for specific parts in your employee app, we can expand these for you with, among other things, the functionalities below. But the possibilities are endless, if your organisation has a different wish, feel free to discuss this with us!

Professional contains:

  • Easy to use CMS
  • Ability to add content, images and videos
  • Sending and receiving personalized messages
  • Push Notifications and Polls
  • Deep linking and sharing on social media
  • In the app we can add functionality such as;
    • Contacts and locations,
    • Information about your activities,
    • Event overviews,
    • Access to your favorite apps,
    • Incident reporting,
    • Protocol overviews (SEHQ)
    • Checklists (SEHQ).
  • Native mobile on Android and IoS
  • Secure login through biometric identification
  • Engagement dashboard and feedback

Enterprise can be expanded with, among other things:

  • Access to payslips, declarations
  • Time registration, leave request, overtime and more
  • Onboarding functionalities such as personalized content for new employees or introductory videos of the department
  • Insight into the planning, request for change
  • Book rooms, visitor registration, a pool for car/bicycle reservations
  • Organizational goals and company values, internal vacancies, certifications
  • Message board, chat, idea box, multilingual communication expressions

When we set up the employee app for your organization, we ensure that it fits in well with your business and needs. For this we take care of, among other things, the integration with Active Directory, our own house style (logo, colors, fonts), a solid and streamlined integration structure, splash screen and app icon, a QR code for the installation. Is the functionality you are looking for not in the Enterprise overview? No problem! Feel free to contact us for a demo or tailor-made advice.