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Document Generation 4 Mendix

Do you also want to use the best document formatting tool?

The must-have solution for document generation within Mendix applications. Generate documents based on MS Word templates and export them in Word, PDF, HMTL, and 20 other formats.

When to use

  • For documents with a lot of layout, such as invoices and reports.
  • If the standard Mendix document generation does not suffice.
  • If it appeals to you to arrange documents 10 to 20 times faster than you can using the standard Mendix templates.
  • If the business users must have control over the templates.
  • When documents must be exported to multiple formats, while ensuring they are all formatted identically.

What does the Document Generation for Mendix entail?

  • Generate documents based on templates that are formatted in Microsoft Word.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Word via an official plug-in.
  • Business users can easily and faultless add the correct Mendix fields to the document using drag-and-drop.
  • Support for all MS Word features, such as headers, footers, page numbering, table of contents, graphs, etc.

For whom

  • End-users: Users always have the right documents available in the Mendix application.
  • Document managers: Manage documents easily and quickly. With this module, the business can do it itself and is no longer dependent on Mendix developers.
  • Business engineers: Set up the responsibilities of the document managers and let them prepare documents themselves and/or create complex documents yourself in a fraction of the time.


  • Easy to use: End users can easily create and modify templates through integration with Microsoft Word.
  • Precision: No CSS is needed for document layout, but effective use of MS Word provides you with all the options required to export correctly to DOCX, PDF, PDF/A and more.
  • Faster: Business engineers can build document templates in a fraction of the time and give other users control.
  • Version management of your documents.
  • Support: All standard formats are supported, such as: DOCX, PDF, PDF / A, RTF, XML, HTML, TIFF, JPEG and BMP.
  • Certified Microsoft Add-on from the Microsoft Office Appstore.

“The biggest advantage of using Document Generation 4 Mendix is the fact that you can use already existing templates. This makes creating documents with your company’s corporate identity so much easier!”

Martijn Hingstman
Mendix Developer and Application manager at Enexis

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