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Business and IT are increasingly integrated. The services and innovation of your organisation are increasingly IT-driven and the requirements go further than before. Appronto helps you to connect people, processes and technology. We help companies to optimise and innovate their digital transformation with the use of our knowledge and IT systems.

Aurum Brothers

“As soon as you have requirements that cannot be implemented in an ERP system with standard components, or if you want to integrate with multiple systems, then Appronto can certainly play a good role in taking care of that. Not for the least part because they have a great deal of knowledge of those underlying systems.”


“We deliberately chose Mendix because it is a very scalable program. We are very pleased that development can be quick, and the fact that it is very easy to integrate with other systems.”

Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG)

"In 2016, we at NHG made the choice to switch from multiple systems to one system. Then we went looking for a platform and a party that could help us implement it. We arrived at Mendix & Appronto. Appronto met all the requirements we set."

Tony’s Chocolonely

“The problem we had with our existing solutions is that it was based on old technology, which among other things, was not scalable. We were unable to connect new systems within a reasonable amount of time, prohibiting us to communicate with new customers and suppliers.”

Collin Crowdfund

“I once stated that we built a whole bank in six months. It is important to do that with the technology that is suitable for this. This is the case with Mendix.”


“We are currently implementing our largest IT project ever. For this, we use Mendix for the application and Dell Boomi for the integration.”

Who we like to collaborate with

Tony's Chocolonely

“What I really like about the collaboration is the” down-to-earth “communication, we like to be very transparent as a company, we put little effort into the fine print of the contracts, we enter into a relationship trust and I can see that very clearly in the way Appronto treats us.”


“The most valuable aspect of the service provided by Appronto is the combination of professionalism, experience and technical expertise. Both for Boomi and the Mendix platform they are really top level, which means that we can interact very well with them at the business level, but that they also have the technical skills to deliver everything you ask for quickly. “


“Appronto has assisted the BKD in transferring the back office and front office system to Mendix and training an internal IT team. The most striking is the unique expert knowledge in the field of Mendix and the transformation of a traditional working method into a SCRUM / agile working method. This provides the BKD with a fast and flexible working method and a high employee satisfaction.”


“Completion of this new system would not have been possible without Appronto and the Mendix Platform. The complete solution was launched on time and due to the iterative approach it was possible to easily add new requirements. We will continue to expand the system with Mendix.”

Collin Crowdfund

“The platform that we have built with Appronto has given us the fact that we now have an investor base of more than 17,000 investors, have financed more than 650 companies for almost 150 million euros, with 20 employees serving the market here from Oisterwijk at our office. We call it ourselves the qualitative number 1. We are one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in the Netherlands and quite successful if I may say so myself.”


“I would definitely recommend Appronto mainly for the quality they deliver, the personal contact and the level of the developers. They are not junior developers, they are all senior developers with a lot of experience in Mendix. They are analytical people and that really helps the quality of the application.”

Aurum Brothers

“A number of things have been developed: on the one hand the production part. The order arrives through the webshop and is assembled and shipped to the customer here. With one push of the button both the package is registered with FedEx and the label is printed and that saves us just 3 FTEs!”


“When we went live with the first version of the product it was really bizarre, it exceeded our expectations. Part of the NHG product is the NHG test, so you check our regulations in advance to see if you are entitled to NHG. That test we accessed via a web service, so it is also used by all kinds of chain partners and in the first few weeks the test was called millions of times and that really exceeded all our expectations.”

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