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NetSuite & Boomi

Boomi is the undisputed leader in connecting NetSuite with applications, data, people and devices. With thousands of joint customers, Boomi has developed industry-leading best practices and in-depth domain knowledge that offers a variety of solutions, enabling faster time-to-value, increased business efficiency, and greater flexibility to cope with continuous change.

It ensures that, for example, end-users within the e-commerce industry can generate more revenue and at the same time make their work processes more efficient. Retailers can better automate their sales activities and synchronise their product catalogue and orders with data on the available stocks. The tool is also used for, among other things, payments and the management of returned products.

Integration of NetSuite with Boomi is our specialisation

We have specially developed our own plug-in for NetSuite and Boomi. This plug-in further expands the integration options of NetSuite and Dell Boomi AtomSphere.

Advantages of our plug-in:

  • Suitable for both real-time and near-real-time use cases
  • Scalable solution that is suitable for large volumes
  • Reduces implementation and maintenance, thus saving budget
  • Promotes the reuse of components through the use of integration templates
  • Better performance compared to solutions based on the standard NetSuite connector

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Does the Appronto NetSuite plug-in replace the standard NetSuite connector for Boomi?
No, it is an independent solution, but it does use the standard NetSuite connector.

Do we need additional Boomi licenses to use this plug-in?
Yes, this solution uses Atom queues. For real-time integration processes, you need a license for Boomi web services and APIs, but no extra Boomi connectors.

Do we need extra NetSuite licenses?
No, the solution uses standard NetSuite features.

Is it difficult to install the plug-in?
Installing the NetSuite plug-in is very easy. An experienced NetSuite manager can do this within a few hours. No adapted connectors are required on the Boomi side.

Which events are supported by the NetSuite plug-in?
All standard NetSuite events are supported. You can also process your custom events with the plug-in.