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Boomi training

Not only do we successfully integrate your software through Boomi, we also train your own IT team so that they can build integrations quickly and are able to find their way in the Boomi universe! Connect existing systems but also focus on modernising your technology infrastructure and eliminating older technologies.

Real-time integration and the ability to process huge amounts of data and transactions are must haves in today’s global marketplace. You also need current and continuous stock, order and product information to ensure the proper functioning of business processes. Customer-specific information must also always be up to date and readily available to all departments within your organisation.

We don’t use traditional classroom training to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Instead, we will work hands-on with your own team(s), sharing our knowledge on top of the existing Boomi training to speed up and effectuate the training trajectory.

We will provide your employees with all the correct and latest knowledge concerning the Boomi platform. Of course we are willing and able to tailor our guidance to your specific organisational objectives and software systems. We will not only share specific platform knowledge but also focus on related areas in the field of master data, EDI, API management, architecture and infrastructure.

Why we provide training

We regularly see that organisations have their own IT department that harbours very capable developers. The problem is that they often lack knowledge in the field of low code and aren’t familiar with Boomi. In such cases, training your own people is essential for the success that a project yields.

“In our increasingly digitised world, building your own knowledge and expertise is of the uttermost importance if you want your organisation to be decisive and competitive. This means that many customers choose to set up their very own Innovation Factory with their own Mendix and/or Boomi developers. We supervise this process by not only delivering support in the field of technology but also looking at the processes and people. Training is an important part of this all-encompassing approach.”

Bas van der Horst
Managing Director Appronto

Layout of the training

This training takes you one step further than the standard Boomi training. It is geared towards common practices and tailored to your specific company situation. The program looks like this:

  • Part 1: introduction, standards, best practices
  • Part 2: document control, error handling
  • Part 3: integration styles
  • Part 4: advanced mapping
  • Part 5: APIs
  • Part 6: integration patterns
Sjaak Overgaauw
CTO Appronto

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