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The world of IT has a continuous dynamic and innovation drive. New technologies are entering the scene and displacing old ICT solutions at a pace that is faster than ever before. Keeping your IT landscape up-to-date is therefore a major challenge in 2022, especially if IT is not your core business.

At Appronto we are aware of this. That is why we have a service that helps you to gain more insight into the current status of your IT environment: the architecture scan. But what exactly does such a scan entail? How do we proceed? And most importantly: what will it bring to your organization? Read on to find out!

Why the architecture scan?

At Appronto, we see that many organizations struggle to gain insight into the current state and future-proofing of their ICT architecture. They often have an idea of ​​the business needs they have now and in the future, but find it difficult to translate this into a technical picture.

But a good overview and insight into your ICT architecture is vital in an era in which digital innovation and transformation are accelerating and continuously reaching new peaks. Without the right technology, you will always lose out to the digital innovators in your industry now and in the near future. The architecture scan helps you to determine exactly where you stand in the digital field.

Process and method

But how exactly does such an architecture scan work? It starts with a needs analysis that determines what your ICT architecture and landscape must meet. We do not only look at the present, but also at the near and further future. What role does ICT play in your business processes? And which technologies and IT-enabled services do you want to adopt and offer in the future?

After determining the needs, we analyze the ICT landscape of the organization. We do this through targeted research and interviews (maximum four of two hours) with representatives from both IT and business. The entire process takes at least six half-days. The analysis gives you insight into important issues regarding your ICT architecture.

  • You can see whether or not your current platform and applications match future (growth) ambitions and wishes.
  • You get a better picture of the interdependencies between the various components of your IT architecture.
  • You identify where there may still be gaps between your current technology and future requirements.

At the end of the process, Appronto gives a presentation in which the current design, the desired design, goals for the short and (medium) long term and solutions that suit your organization are discussed. The scan yields:

  • A high-level design of the data and infrastructure environment;
  • A high-level design of the desired environment (business, application, data and infrastructure);
  • Short, medium and long term objectives;
  • Solution directions;
  • Quick wins, priorities and follow-up projects;
  • A presentation and project definitions.

What does it bring?

The Appronto architecture scan has several advantages. This gives you, for example, an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your current IT architecture. This also often provides new perspectives that you can use for targeted improvements and solutions to existing problems or bottlenecks. In addition, with the architecture scan you prevent that the current software no longer supports your processes well enough.

Want to know more?

Are you also striving for a better and more up-to-date overview of (the future-proofing) of your ICT architecture? And do you want to know more about the architecture scan?

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