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Mendix modules – Take your app to the next level

Appronto offers various modules that make work much easier for both Mendix developers and users. See the overview in the Mendix Marketplace for all available modules.

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Document Generation for Mendix
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Reporting for Mendix
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Virus Scan for Mendix
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Any Search for Mendix

Mendix Marketplace

The Mendix Marketplace is a vibrant marketplace containing complete sample apps that can be used right away as well as various add-ons (connectors, widgets, and modules) that can be used to build custom apps more quickly.

The Marketplace adds great value to the Mendix platform. Especially for users who use all kinds of different content, such as modules, connectors and widgets. The modules are divided into different categories such as IoT, machine learning and importing / exporting data, for example. Thanks to these modules in the Mendix Marketplace, you can easily create new apps without having to reinvent the wheel.

Our Mendix modules

Document Generation for Mendix

Generates and manages documents quickly and easily based on Word templates that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Word and your Mendix app.

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Reporting for Mendix

Build fast and dynamic reports and overviews in your application.

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Virus Scan for Mendix

Check all incoming files for malware, phishing, spam, and other malicious content.

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Any Search for Mendix

Ensure that users find information in all data and documents quickly and easily

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Mendix module Actions

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Action Document Generation for Mendix

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View the Knowledge Base which contains all product information of our modules such as FAQs, How To's, videos and step-by-step installation documentation.

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