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The Mendix Expert review consists of two parts

  1. Application audit
    Based on the Fit & Secure test, the applications are validated, analysed and the findings are summarised in a report with conclusions and recommendations.
  2. Organisational audit
    The quality of your applications is the result of the process and collaboration within the team. The organisational audit provides independent insight into the quality of the process. All of this is based on the 4 Ps of successful digital execution.

Application audit – Secure test

One of the most important topics in information technology is security. For example, did you know that 96% of applications tested have security vulnerabilities? This is often because developers are mostly focused on developing and building functionalities at a high pace.

We observe that building apps usually originates with a Minimal Viable Product (minimum workable product), where the user roles are well defined. In time, due to further development and the actual use of the app, both the functionality and the number of user roles grow. This makes the application increasingly complex. Under the pressure of delivering, a mistake is easily made, potentially resulting in a data breach. For externally oriented applications and applications with sensitive data in particular, this is a danger that must be prevented at all times. To identify these hazards, Appronto developed the Secure test so you can get a quick and complete insight into how authorisation is structured and implemented throughout the application.

Application audit – Fit test

Our source code analysis, the Omnext Fit Test, is an objective and fully automated baseline analysis of your Mendix source code. What are the main problems in your application and where does its potential lay? The test is based on both the ISO25010 standard and the Mendix Standards & Guidelines. We provide additional expertise to give you the most insight into your company. The result of the source code analysis can be applied directly to improve your business in a single upload. After we perform this source code analysis, the results remain available to you for a year.

We measure the following areas:

  • Maintainability
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Conventions
  • Duplicates

This is all based on Standards & Guidelines that have been prepared by highly experienced Mendix developers. It is automatic and integrated into the source code analysis.

Organisational audit

The second part of the expert review is the organisational audit. Since the quality of your applications is the result of the various process and how well the team functions, it is important to look further than just the technical implementation. The organisational audit provides independent insight into the quality of the process that leads to applications.

All of this is based on the 4 Ps of successful digital execution:

  • People
    What roles does the team consist of? What is the level? And the maturity?
  • Process
    How do we collaborate? Which processes have been adjusted? And are these processes followed as intended?
  • Platform
    What is the solution architecture like? What is the fit with the IT landscape? What is the reuse strategy? How is data security implemented?
  • Portfolio
    The portfolio issue is important when you use multiple Mendix applications. Is Mendix used for the right type of application? How is the roadmap determined? Does the portfolio of Mendix applications make sense? And how is it determined which applications are to be developed with Mendix?

Thanks to the results of the Expert Review, you get a clear overview of which parts of the application and the organisation need to be worked on for improvements to security, manageability, maintainability, performance, team, processes and many other matters.

Do you have a Mendix application and do you want to know what its quality is?

Let us test it. By the results allow you to make a well-considered decision about the future-proofing of the application and its assurance.

Yes, I would like an Expert Review of our Mendix application

Why do the Quick Fit & Secure test?

The quality and safety of business applications should take priority. Unfortunately, we often see that it does not get the attention it should, but we also understand that it is difficult to manage every aspect without the right help. We think quality and safety are extremely important and we are happy to offer support in these areas.

That is why we want to offer you the possibility to scan one of your Mendix applications for both these areas for free. The implementation of the Quick Fit & Secure scan includes a high-level report with a general quality risk indication. The report also contains an overview of the most common violations of the Best Practices in the app and indicates whether your app contains possible data breaches.

Comprehensive insight into the state of your application is possible if you decide to use our services. You remain in control while avoiding technical failures, security risks and data breaches.

Stay Fit Program

The added value of software testing is hidden in continuous measurement and improvement. A one-off test gives you insights, but doing the test multiple times gives you a way to compare the results. This is the basis for continuous improvement. Just like the one-time source-code analysis and the Fit & Secure test, the Stay Fit program is based on Standards & Guidelines and your own business rules. We measure what is standard as well as what is specific to your situation. This is to achieve relevant and objective results to help you get started. Optionally, you can purchase the Stay Fit Plus program, in which an independent Expert Review is conducted four times a year by one of our specialists.