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Legacy renewal

You want to meet the demands of the business and develop applications quickly. However, your current architecture is too rigid to deliver this. Saying goodbye to legacy systems means you have to roll out a major project, and with that comes many potential risks. Like many, you would prefer to postpone it, but the time has come for you to face the music. Choosing to do nothing is taking a huge risk, not only from a budgetary point of view (you are spending more and more on keeping the software up and running), but also because your organisation will grind to a halt (for example, because new strategies, wishes and requirements cannot be implemented, systems do not perform or they fail, or you have set requirements that you cannot meet).

Make changes quickly

By taking the step now to make your IT system future-proof, you can partake in the digital transformation that is in full swing. Many organisations use a low-code programming language to replace their legacy systems. You can implement changes quickly and time-to-market is greatly reduced. Moreover, it improves the maintainability of the system compared to your current situation. Instead of spending 80% of your time on making sure your legacy systems keep running, you can now use that 80% to focus on innovation.

Get started independently with Mendix

If desired, Appronto can train your IT team to develop and maintain Mendix applications independently. As a result, we do not just enable you to innovate faster, but we also make sure that your applications are deployed into production successfully and sustainably. Finally, this setup promotes cooperation between the various departments, both business and IT.

Are you curious about how you can renew your legacy environment? We would be happy to make an appointment in order to find out how to address this challenge together.

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Watch the video made by Mendix in collaboration with Carla Muters working for National Mortgage Guarantee during the last Mendix World event. Hear how their legacy systems could be replaced by partnering with us. An operation, during which the core system remained operational. A lovely and inspiring project!