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Mendix training

Not only do we build successful applications in Mendix, but we also train your very own IT team to ensure they have all the necessary knowledge to quickly build smart and efficient applications.

Instead of adopting traditional training methods, we will work hands-on with your own team and use a pragmatic approach that focuses on real cases. These real-life case studies are a welcome addition to the (free) online training courses. This total package leads to a faster and more efficient training trajectory that provides immediate value for our customers.

We provide your employees with correct and up-to-date knowledge of the Mendix platform, an absolute necessity for the successful development of Mendix applications. Of course, we always adjust our guidance to your specific organisational objectives. We not only share specific platform knowledge but also focus on related areas of expertise, such as UI/UX, integration issues, release management, and automatic testing. After all, developing is something you do together!

Why we provide training

We often see that organisations have their own IT department with very capable developers. But these specialists often lack specific knowledge in the field of low code and are unfamiliar with Mendix. Training your own people is an essential step towards creating your own low code development team.

“In our increasingly digitised world, building your own knowledge and expertise is of the uttermost importance if you want your organisation to be decisive and competitive. This means that many customers choose to set up their very own Innovation Factory with their own Mendix and/or Boomi developers. We supervise this process by not only delivering support in the field of technology but also looking at the processes and people. Training is an important part of this all-encompassing approach.”

Bas van der Horst
Managing Director Appronto

Business case

We have successfully implemented our approach with various customers, such as VDL.

VDL Logo“In March 2020, we started our Mendix training trajectory with eight trainees. The training sessions were held on-site, under the guidance of an Appronto Mendix expert. Because we worked on real organisational business cases, we have been able to make a flying start with our Mendix competence centre. The first apps are already in the works!” René Kop – Information Management Mendix VDL Nedcar

Are you curious about the possibilities of following a training or building your own innovation factory and how we can use this specifically for your company?

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Training contents

  • Part 1: free online Mendix training
  • Part 2: individual assignments
  • Part 3: full scrum cycle with team

After the training activities, the team will start building its first Mendix application. Each development team will consist of at least one experienced lead developer from Appronto and two to three developers who will work together to build an application.

In addition to developing software, the Appronto lead developer will also be responsible for guiding junior developers, so that a steep learning curve can be achieved. Obviously, the exact shape of the learning curve largely depends on the skill level of the developers.


Mendix offers different certification levels. The Rapid Developer Certificate can be acquired by passing an online exam directly after finishing the online courses.

Becoming an advanced developer is the next step. To achieve this, the candidate developer has to pass a practical exam in which he or she must fill in multiple user stories within an existing Mendix application. Several months of Mendix development have prepared him or her for this task.

When a group of developers has the right level of experience, we organise an Advanced Course which is used just as pragmatically and effectively as the basic training. During the first part of the Advanced Course, we focus on learning key design patterns for developing a stable application. The first part of the course focuses on the theory behind and benefits of design patterns. The second part consists of a series of exercises that have one important goal: putting the things that you have learned into practice. This part of the training program is followed by various specific topics, such as mobile, XPath, security and the reuse of logic.

The next level for a developer is Expert Certification, which requires several years of specific experience in building Mendix apps and falls outside the scope of our training program.

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