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Appronto focuses on the realisation and management of business applications using the Mendix platform. This allows us to develop, integrate and maintain web and mobile business apps quickly and easily. This way, costs and risks are limited, and ROI is achieved in days or weeks instead of months. You can build all kinds of business applications—the possibilities are endless! However, several applications deserve special attention, and a large part of our portfolio is dedicated to these. We have built up considerable expertise by doing what we are really good at!

From the beta environment to launch and professionalisation, Appronto is the best partner for all stages of the product lifecycle. We regularly work with fast-growing companies and are familiar with the requirements of the IT landscape.

Legacy renewal

Modernising your outdated ERP environment is a delicate process that revolves around understanding processes, dismantling old systems, and creating a seamless transition to a future-proof environment. We are experts in that field.

Mendix on top of SAP

We are the best SAP partner to support you in the realisation of flexible, reliable and fast customised Mendix applications that work seamlessly with your SAP environment.

Digital innovation

Today, digital innovation is at the core of every organisation. You have to automate to do things better, faster and cheaper. Furthermore, you have to find new ways to engage users and bring new products and services to the market.

Digitising processes

Many organisations are constantly working to improve their processes. For example, to respond more flexibly to customer needs or to save costs. These improvements often go hand in hand with digitisation.

Mendix management

Get the full potential of your Mendix applications through Mendix Management Services from Appronto.

Mendix expert review

How is the quality and safety of your existing Mendix app? And how effective and efficient is your Mendix development process? Identify points for improvement to take your apps to a higher level.

Education & Training

Not only do we build successful applications in Mendix, but we also train your very own IT team to ensure they have all the necessary knowledge to quickly build smart and efficient applications.

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Our experts will be happy to introduce you to the advantages of Mendix. We will be happy to schedule an appointment with you. We are happy to answer all your questions!

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Mobile applications

We have long since stopped using our mobile phones just for calling and apping. Today’s smartphone also gives you access to all kinds of advanced applications that make life and work more fun and easier, but previously only accessible from the computer. This means that more and more applications need to be expanded with a mobile version, making them good, easy to use and to their full potential on mobile devices as well. We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android, tailored to your business process and needs.

The use of a mobile application is possible in almost every industry. In the meantime we have built several mobile applications, among others:

  • My VDLFor Secrid, designer and manufacturer of innovative wallets a new mobile supplier portal. The portal helps Secrid to streamline processes with fifty suppliers and offers transparency in stock and planning.
  • For PSOhub, a mobile application that integrates project management, smart contract management, time registration and cost planning in one clear platform in HubSpot.
  • For VDL Nedcar “My VDL”, a mobile employee portal.
  • For Enexis various mobile applications, including a time registration app and a Health & Safety app.
  • For Friesland Campina a “Beterschapp”, a mobile application on which employees can easily report sick and better.

Development of native apps

Native mobile means that the application runs directly on the smartphone, instead of in a browser. We realize native apps for both Android and iOS. Native mobile guarantees speed, beautiful animations, a high degree of reliability, supports offline features and can use features such as the camera, GPS etc. Did you also know that Mendix is ​​the only low-code platform with which you can create native apps?!

Want more information about developing mobile apps for your organization? Please feel free to contact us.

Our Mendix expertise

“We use the Multi Experience Development Platform Mendix so that we can make high-quality software; faster, better and more user-friendly than through traditional development. We have been doing this successfully for years and our efforts have not gone unnoticed. We have been Partner of the Year and our organisation’s MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) are closely involved in the developments and roadmap of Mendix. Also, our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is increasing every year, which is proof of the dedication of our people to providing added value to our customers.”

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Mendix MVP since 2017 and helps our customers come out on top in a software-driven world!

Pim van der Noll
CTO Appronto

“What I would like to say about Appronto in a general sense is that in addition to their work, they regularly advise us how to improve as an organisation. Appronto, for example, also suggested to use test automation more broadly. Hence, we talked to one of their partners who had a good experience doing so. Appronto thinks along with you.”

Arthur van de Woestijne
Manager ICT AT NHG

About Mendix

Create everything you can imagine, from business apps that help factories operate more smoothly to simple tools that save you time. Mendix is a low-code application platform for everyone, and it is designed to accelerate the delivery of business apps during the entire lifecycle of application development, from idea to implementation and operations.

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Mendix modules – Take your app to the next level

Appronto offers various modules that make work much easier for both Mendix developers and users. In addition to these modules, Appronto also has various smaller modules. See the overview in the Mendix App Store for all available modules.

Document Generation for Mendix

Generates and manages documents quickly and easily based on Word templates that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Word and your Mendix app.

Reporting for Mendix

Build fast and dynamic reports and overviews in your application. Export to Excel and CSV.

Virus Scan for Mendix

Check all incoming files for malware, phishing, spam, and other malicious content before storing them in the database.

Google Search for Mendix

Ensure that users find information in all data and documents quickly and easily. Fully indexed to ensure fast navigation.

Appronto Team

Test your Mendix Application

Do you have a Mendix application and do you want to know what its quality is? Have it tested by us. Using the results allow you to make an informed decision about the future-proofness of the application and its assurance.

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