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9 February 2017

Creating a new sandbox environment for an existing app

Pim van der Noll
Chief Technology Officer

Sometimes, you need multiple instances of your app for demo or testing purposes. If you would like to offer your future customers their own demo or test-environment, then this guide will help you achieve that:

Export your app (thnx for the feedback @rvhofwegen, you deserve some community points :)) ):

Double click the mpk you just created (default in the “packages” folder of your app.). Extract it to a new folder and double click you project file (.mpr).

You’ll see you cannot Run the sandbox, you first have to upload it to the teamserver.

And create a new repository

After that you have uploaded your model. Now you can deploy your new demo environment by clicking Run

Run the app (it will start by committing the whole project)

The app will deploy to the Mendix cloud Free tier (running on AWS) after the commit.

Double-check the project, then click Project Dashboard

Is the Free app connected? Yes? Then you’re good to go!

You can see the progression of your app in the log:

By default, the User that created the app is also added as a User to run the app. You can check the Users at the Mendix Dashboard: https://home.mendix.com/home/

Click the (i)

Manage App Users and invite your customers or other stakeholders:

Get more info about the Free tier here. If you want to take advantage of a licensed cloud environment, please contact us: we’ll be happy to advise you!

Happy deploying!

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