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24 October 2017

Boomi-ng business at Secrid

Sjaak Overgaauw

Appronto has implemented a near real-time order to cash use case for Secrid. It fully automates the creation of customers, sales orders, order fulfillments, shipments and tracking info. It also takes care of the synchronisation of the product catalog.

The solution uses Netsuite, Dell Boomi Atomsphere, Shopify, Stripe, SaleSupply, Appronto plugins and an advanced packing machine from Kobobss.

If you are interested in this use case, but you don’t use Netsuite or Shopify, no problem! It’s a generic design which is compatible with any ERP or e-commerce platform. Please contact us for all the details.

Business process

The business process is a classic “order to cash” process. Dell Boomi takes care of the creation of customers and sales orders in Netsuite. In addition to that, Boomi also sends the Stripe payment specification to Netsuite which is used to reconcile or refund invoices.

Once the the order management department approves the sales order, Dell Boomi also takes care for the communication with the package machine in the warehouse. Basically, all order fulfillment related data is send back and forth from Netsuite to the Kobobss system in the warehouse.

The packing machine has been developed by Kobobss. It verifies if the order contains all the required items by scanning bar codes. This avoids that incorrect products are being send to customers. In addition to that, image are stored on the Amazon S3 platform.

Once the order has been shipped, the customer receives an email with the tracking code.

Secrid is growing with a pace of 40% per year. The new systems allows Secrid to focus more on core business processes then before. The new process helps them to increase the overal customer satisfaction, reduce the amount of manual administrative tasks and improve the overall data quality. This sounds like a classic IT project goal.

In other words, the new backbone allows Secrid to realise growth in the coming years without the worries of IT systems blocking that growth.

Our Dell Boomi Partner, Cloud Connectors, is one of the strongest partners in our network of professionals. Their vast experience in ERP, integration and Mendix allows us to choose the right integration design to realise our goals.

Working with Appronto is fast, reliable and honest. We are truly building our infrastructure together.

Thomas Boogert, ERP & IT manager at Secrid

Technical details

If you are interested in the technical details of this solution, the following components have been used

  • Dell Boomi Atomsphere with web services and message queueing
  • Netsuite
  • Shopify
  • Amazon EC2, S3 and RDS infrastructure
  • Event driven architecture

The following Cloud Connectors plugins have been used

  • SDS “smart datastore” plugin for Dell Boomi
  • Boomi events plugin for Netsuite

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