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Search quickly and easily through all data and documents in your Mendix application

Increase user-friendliness by simplifying navigation. Index all information, including all documents.

When to use

  • Find documents and data faster in your application
  • Find documents and data faster in documents that are located in documents in your application
  • If you want to navigate faster within the application
  • If you want to offer a better user experience

What does the “Any Search for Mendix” module entail?

  • The module indexes your database {data en documenten} and ensures that your users quickly find what they are looking for.
  • As a developer, you can influence on the so-called weight factor of a certain object (for example, a match by customer name outweighs address).

For whom

  • End-users of every application.
  • Developers who want to implement search functions.


  • Ease of use: With the click of a button, you get detailed information about what you are looking for.
  • Complete: A single action allows you to search through different types of data. Includes both data (e.g., customers, orders, etc.) and documents (e.g., quotations, letters, etc.).
  • Speed: Great performance because all information is indexed

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