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Traditional development methods and the average capacity of an IT department cannot keep up with the demand for applications. Hence, we considered alternatives. Instead of traditional coding, we work with Mendix through so-called modelling. Modelling ensures that software development goes much faster than we experienced with writing code because you work a lot with built-in modules and templates. In fact, working with Mendix can ensure that productivity, compared to traditional development methods, is up to six times higher. Therefore, you can save considerably on development costs.

Companies mainly apply the Mendix platform to developing applications and portals in order to work more efficiently, improve customer experience, replace legacy systems and promote innovation.

An increasing need for applications

Organisations are developing an increasing number of applications, with which they distinguish themselves. This includes apps for employees, customers and suppliers, such as customer portals, new digital services, and Health & Safety apps. This increasing need for applications creates pressure to deliver more functionality with the same people in less time. Traditional application development methods do not work fast enough to achieve this. Moreover, traditional methods do not always involve the right types of people to be able to deliver good apps at a rapid pace.

No-code and low-code

Mendix offers both no-code and low-code tooling in one fully integrated platform. With no-code, as the name implies, you do not write code. Instead, you work with a web-based visual modeller. It is a drag-and-drop system that makes it very accessible for non-developers. Low-code is a desktop-based visual modeller that allows developers to add code to make the possibilities even more extensive.

The combination of no-code and low-code options allows IT departments to collaborate much more efficiently with, for example, marketing and sales departments, but the platform also enables the business to develop apps themselves! Knowledge of programming languages is not necessary! Business and IT can, therefore, be combined in one application development platform, allowing them to create, edit, and release applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional development methods.

The average business user brings the necessary expertise so that applications really get better. A developer often does not understand how an application is commonly used or which fields on a form are more important than others. With a business user in the low-code team, applications can be created faster and better.

Gartner & Forrester about Mendix

According to research firm Gartner, by 2024, three-quarters of large companies will use at least four low-code development tools for application development. But low-code application development will also be responsible for more than 65 percent of application development activities.

“The enterprise LCAP market is growing strongly due to the continuing demand for applications and a shortage of skilled developers. Low-code is a logical next step now that application development is being done at an increasingly higher level of abstraction. Ultimately, this will lead to ‘citizen development’ with highly scalable applications that can be used by multiple companies.”

Mendix has been appointed by Gartner as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms in 2019. Moreover, Mendix is positioned in the Magic Quadrant as the supplier with the most complete vision. The research bureau has also appointed Mendix as a leader for the past two years. Every time the company gets the best place, the furthest in the quadrant, based on the most complete vision.

A recent Mendix customer review on Gartner Peer Insights states: “Excellent framework for application development. Modern, easy to learn and usable for everyone (developers, graphic designers, and analysts). The ability to visually design an app (for example, by putting elements in the application via drag & drop) is one of the most successful components.”

Forrester is also positive about Mendix and points out that the platform has many strong points in addition to the SAP partnership, such as the user experience of the platform (UX), administrative and development support, the offering of a cloud service and the excellent online community for developers. Also, the leading AI and machine-learning development functions of Mendix have been noticed, as well as the fact that business developers can be involved more, better and easier in app development projects.

“I would recommend Appronto and especially considering the quality they deliver, the personal contact and the level of the developers. They are not junior developers; they are all senior developers with a lot of experience in Mendix. They are analytical people and that really helps improve the quality of the application.”

Steven Donselaar
Director Autohopper

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