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What is Mendix?

Mendix is ​​a software platform that allows you to build and improve mobile and web applications on a large scale. Founded in The Netherlands and currently owned by Siemens, Mendix has grown into one of the best-known low-code platforms in the world.

By using model-based development as a central principle and supporting it optimally with extensive facilities, a much broader group of non-formally trained developers (also referred to as “citizen developers”) is involved in the construction of applications. This is an important and very positive development to address the major shortage of qualified programmers.

Low-code software development fully supports the construction of software from start to finish. From drawing a prototype to releasing the final application.

Increasing need for applications

Organisations are developing more and more applications with which they distinguish themselves. Apps for employees, customers and suppliers, such as customer portals, new digital services and health and safety apps. This growing need for applications is creating pressure to deliver more with the same people in even less time.

Traditional application development methods aren’t fast enough to keep up with demand. Even worse, these methods do not always involve the right people to deliver quality apps at a rapid pace. Low-code platforms have everything on board to quickly develop a business idea. Low code is in line with the growing pain that many organisations experience due to the tight IT labour market. With the Mendix software platform, it is possible to develop custom, process-driven business applications quickly.

No-code en low-code in one

Designed for various developers, with or without code knowledge.

Collaborative visual development

Intuitive development with built-in collaboration to quickly create what the business needs.

Unparalleled time to value

Get results faster.

Cloud native architecture

Best-in-class technology, so you are ready for the future.

Open and expandable

Platform APIs, model APIs and SDKs for extended extension options.

Multi-channel apps

Build applications once and run them anywhere, without multiple tools and codebases.

Mendix no-code and low-code tooling

Mendix offers both no-code and low-code tooling in a single, fully integrated platform. With no-code tooling, you don’t use code. Instead, you work with an online visual modeller. It’s a drag-and-drop principle that makes it very accessible, even for non-developers. Low-code tooling happens in a desktop app using avisual modeller that developers can also program so they can add features rapidly.

The combination of no-code and low-code increases the efficiency of IT departments so they can collaborate better with marketing and sales, for example. The platform even enables the business to develop apps by themselves!

Staff don’t need to be programmers to work in Mendix! This allows business and IT to work together in a single application development platform. It helps  them to create, edit and release applications in a fraction of the time required by traditional development methods.

The average business user brings the necessary business expertise, which makes applications much better. A developer often doesn’t understand how to work with an application on a daily basis and which fields are important or unimportant on a form. With a business user on the low-code team, applications can not only be created faster and better, but you can also develop it more interactively.

4 Mendix use cases

The applications that customers build with Mendix fall into four categories;

  1. Mobile
    Mobile has long been a driver for low-code. Many companies felt pressured to match the rapidly emerging consumer preference for apps, but they lacked the knowledge and the right resources. Mendix has stepped into the gap by guiding customers in their development process and bringing business and IT together.
  2. Operational efficiency apps
    The second category is the largest, covering operational efficiency apps for internal employees to improve workflow and automate business. Take the insurance world, for example. They usually work with apps for claims management. What they’ll do is take the current processes and use straight-through processing to incorporate them in a completely new Mendix app.
  3. Customer engagement
    This could be, for example, a mobile app that allows customers to submit a claim themselves. Or a Mendix app from an energy supplier that customers can use to sign contracts and order smart meters. When it comes to this area, operational efficiency equals customer engagement.
  4. Legacy Repacement
    Low-code is shifting to mission-critical systems. Take banks, for example. They manage their lending operations using a low-code modelled application. This shift is occurring because it enables companies to apply new technology in their core processes. Model-based software development has become a proven formula that can also replace heavy, mission-critical legacy applications.

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“At the time, I might have mentioned that we built an entire bank in a six-month period. It’s important to do this type of thing with suitable technology. In this case, Mendix is that technology.” Watch the video.

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What distinguishes Mendix from its competitors?

Mendix focuses on bringing the business and IT together from the start. It supports the process of allowing optimal collaborating in mixed business/IT DevOps teams so they can build applications. As domain experts, business people participate fully in application building, together with developers. “No other low-code supplier serves such a wide range of programmers, according to Mendix CTO Johan Den Haan: from citizen developer to professional developer.”

Gartner & Forrester on Mendix

Mendix Gartner 2021Mendix was named by Gartner as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms in 2021. Better yet, Mendix is positioned in the Magic Quadrant as the supplier with the most complete vision. The research bureau has also appointed Mendix as a leader for the past four years. Each time, the company has achieved the best position, the furthest in the quadrant, based on the most complete vision.

A recent Mendix customer review on Gartner Peer Insights states: “Excellent framework for application development. Modern, easy to learn and usable for everyone (developers, graphic designers, and analysts). The ability to visually design an app (for example, by putting elements in the application via drag and drop) is one of the most successful components.”

Forrester is also positive about Mendix and points out that the platform has many strong points in addition to the SAP partnership, such as the user experience of the platform (UX), administrative and development support, the offering of a cloud service and the excellent online community for developers. Mendix’s leading AI and machine-learning development functions have also been noticed, as well as the fact that business developers can be involved more, better and easier in app development projects.