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About Boomi

To effectively meet changing requirements, you need a flexible platform that enables in-depth connectivity within the organisation, as well as with your partners’ and customers’ ecosystems. Boomi delivers a unified, versatile, enterprise-quality platform that harnesses all the benefits of the cloud. Every element of the platform is designed for ease of use and high productivity. We solve your tough technical challenges so your organisation can concentrate on getting better.

Low code

Boomi is a Low code integration platform. Integration flows are built with a user-friendly interface that is accessed through your web browser. Boomi offers connectors for many different applications, both for the cloud and on-premises. It also offers many technical connectors to integrate legacy and custom applications.

Whether cloud or on-premises, standard or customised, everything can be integrated. All with the same low-code platform. Integration has never been easier! Link data, applications, processes and people. Connect existing systems but also focus on modernising the technological infrastructure and eliminating obsolete technologies.

Boomi consists of the following elements:

  • Integrate (Application and data integration)
    Connect all your applications and data sources in your hybrid IT landscape to unlock and fully integrate data silos.
  • Hub (Master Data Management)
    Synchronise and enrich your data via a master data management hub so that the entire organisation works efficiently and effectively with the same qualitative data.
  • Exchange (B2B/EDI management)
    Integrate effectively with your B2B partner network, including suppliers, distributors and customers, using both traditional EDI and newer web service protocols.
  • Mediate (API design and management)
    Boomi API Management supports the full lifecycle of APIs in a hybrid environment. Gain complete control over your APIs and easily manage a uniform strategy that aligns your API needs with integration processes.
  • Flow (App development and workflow automation)
    Transform manual business processes into digital, automated processes with flexible business logic and workflow capabilities

“The former way of integrating, mostly FTP based and in batch, limits us in the way in which systems can communicate. Therefore, it is time to modernise. The combination of Dell Boomi and Appronto has emerged as the ideal solution.”

Rick van Doorn
IT Manager at Tony's Chocolonely

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