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Data & application integration

Switching to the cloud has an immense impact on the ever-changing IT landscape. Companies indicate the integration with their current environment (including moving data & applications to the cloud) is their biggest challenge.

As companies move their data & applications to the cloud, integration is probably the biggest obstacle they face. After all, you want to connect people, systems & partners to promote agility and accelerate growth. Cloud implementation is a complex process. Over the years, the current IT infrastructure has become a mishmash of applications, scripts and security products at many companies. We understand the struggles many organisations have in this area and are happy to help you with this!

The platform we use is Boomi. As we’re a certified Boomi partner, rest assured that our experts know the platform inside out.

About Boomi

Only a flexible platform allows you to meet changing requirements effectively. It has to enable in-depth connectivity within the organisation and its partner and customer ecosystem. That platform is Boomi. It’s a unified, versatile enterprise-quality solution that leverages all the benefits of the cloud. Every element is designed for ease of use and high productivity. We solve the hard technical challenges so that your organisation can focus on improving the company.

With the AtomSphere environment, Boomi offers a fully cloud-based iPaaS solution with many possibilities, such as on-premises and cloud integration, API management, EDI and Master Data Management (MDM). Discover the possibilities.

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Low code

Boomi is a low-code integration platform. All you need is a browser to start building integration flows. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. Boomi has connectors for many different applications, for both cloud and on-premises. It also offers many technical connectors to integrate legacy and custom applications.

Cloud or on-premises, standard or custom, you can integrate everything. All with the same low-code platform. Integration has never been easier! Connect data, applications, processes & people. Or connect current systems with a focus on modernising the technology infrastructure and phasing out older technologies.


Say yes to faster, easier and more efficient integration between business units, customers & partners. Combine both data and applications in your hybrid IT landscape to break down silos and increase productivity.


Deliver way more satisfying experiences by improving the quality & speed of interactions. Change the way business and IT features work together and invent new ways of collaborating with external stakeholders.


Effectively capture the value of your current applications & data, while reducing development time from months to weeks, lowering costs, extending investments and streamlining processes to introduce new applications.


Drive more revenue growth by innovating new products & services, experiences and business models. Easily connect emerging technologies to your business and increase revenue growth.

12.000+ customers

With a 97% renewal rate, customers worldwide use Boomi’s market-leading platform to increase their revenues, reduce IT spend, increase customer, partner and employee satisfaction, and increase efficiency in their ecosystems.

8 years

Gartner, the leading information technology research firm, has named Boomi as the leader in its “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service” report for 8 consecutive years now.

Can we help you?

As a certified Boomi partner, we help our customers with the design, implementation, training and management of Boomi projects. Interested in Boomi?

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Discover the many Boomi elements

  • Integrate (Applicatie- en data-integratie)
    Connect all of your applications and data sources in your hybrid IT landscape to unlock and fully integrate data silos.
  • Hub (Master Data Management)
    Synchronise and enrich your data via the master data management hub so that the entire organisation works efficiently and effectively with the same quality data.
  • Exchange (B2B / EDI management)
    Integrate effectively with your B2B partner network—suppliers, distributors and customers—using both traditional EDI and newer web service protocols.
  • Mediate (API design & management)
    Boomi API management supports the entire API lifecycle in a hybrid environment. Gain full control of your APIs and efficiently manage a unified strategy that aligns your API needs with the integration processes.
  • Flow (App ontwikkeling en workflow automatisering)
    Transform manual business processes into digital, automated processes with flexible business logic and workflow capabilities.

Boomi Platform